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Monks Mead  - New Release 2021

NEW RELEASE  - Instagram Video about the New Release

 A VERY LOCAL PROVIDENCE -  honey from bees who have been foraging in the coastal region of Suffolk. 

The honey for this mead has been supplied by Bracey's Bees, a local beekeeper based in the neighbouring village of Brandeston. This pure honey  consisted  mostly of coastal heather honey and a small proportion of spring honey was also add to provide complexity and softness to the finish of the Mead. All the honey is cold pressed and raw which means that straining is the only process it undergoes before being consumed, no heat treatments or additions, preserving all the natural health benefits and the taste of this amazing product.

Based on a parsons traditional recipe, the Mead is made by fermenting this raw natural honey with water and yeast only, no grape to apple juice in sight!

Using heather honey gives  this mead a rich, luxurious almost smoky taste of Heather. Monks Mead has a very distinctive flavour and is much sought after, it’s certainly the mead with the most characteristic flavour of honey.

This light, sweet wine can be drunk in a variety of ways; as an aperitif, straight, as a dessert wine or after a meal with a fine piece of Suffolk Gold Cheese from Suffolk Farm House Cheeses.

Best served really cold or equally good served mulled with spices. A very versatile and adaptable wine.

alc 13% volume


Case of 6 bottles