DJ Wines Liqueur collection

Miniature Liqueur Selection

Each bottle contains enough for 2 glasses. Great on their own served chilled and over ice. Accompany a range of delicious dessert. Add to a your favourite sparkling wine as an aperitif for celebration drink. Add to range of recipes to create wonderful dishes.

Three ranges to choice from:

Miniature Liqueur Gift Box - Sparkling Range great mixers
Damson Liqueur 100ml - 20% alc
Raspberry Liqueur 100ml - 20% alc
Strawberry liqueur 100ml - 20%alc

Miniature Liqueur Selection - Dry Tipples
Sloe Gin semi sweet 100ml - 25%alc
Damson Liqueur - 20%alc
Raspberry Liqueur - 20%alc

Miniature Liqueur Selection - Sweet Tipples
Bramble with whisky 100ml - 25%alc
Strawberry liqueur 100ml - 20%alc
Sloe Gin sweet 100ml - 25%alc

Price £18.00