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Liqueur selection gift box from DJ Wines Suffolk UK
Miniature Liqueur Selection 

Each bottle contains 100ml, enough for 2 glasses, Great on their own served chilled and over ice accompany a range of delicious dessert
add to a your favourite sparkling wine as an aperitif for celebration drink add to range of recipes to create wonderful dishes. Miniature 

Liqueur Gift Box choice of three different combinations:
Sparkling Mixer Range
Damson Liqueur; Raspberry Liqueur, Strawberry liqueur
Dry Tipples Range
Sloe Gin semi sweet; Damson Liqueur; Raspberry Liqueur
Sweet Tipple Range
Bramble Liqueur with whisky; Strawberry liqueur; Sloe Gin sweet
Box contains three x 100ml bottles


Gift Box Bigod 1101 Blanc + Rouge

Made from blend of grape juices, fortified with spirit.The grapes are grown in East Anglian vineyards and made in our winery in Monk Soham. Named after the Bigod family occupiers of Framlingham Castle in the 11th century. The name Bigod was recognized as a name for a Norman or an excessively religious person. A name given by the French to the Normans, because, at every other word they would swear 'By God’, from which they were termed Bigodi. Designed to be served chilled or over ice, to drink before a meal, with a dessert, a platter of cheeses or as a social drink with a difference.

Store in the fridge once the bottle has been opened

Bigod 1101 Blanc 

Beautiful amber colour with golden tints, with thick legs. The taste of is sweet but also balanced in a way, that acid notes come through, subtle hints of ripe yellow fruits (apricot, honey, quince…). The aromas of candied fruit are well marked with peach, quince, plum and apricot. A harmonious aftertaste leaves a fruity note.
375ml - alc 16% vol

Bigod 1101 Rouge

Brimming with notes of cherries and raspberries, with a touch of sweetness to balance the zingy red fruits. Less sweet as the Blanc. 
375ml - alc 16% vol


Bigod 1101 Blanc and Rouge made by DJ Wines Suffolk UK
Vermouth Agora Rosso -The Explorer
plus Presentation Box

Agora's first Vermouth is lovingly made in our winery at DJ Wines for with the Agora's owner Arthur Voulgaris. With a blend of rose, vanilla, lavender, star anise and cassia bark creating the Agora Rosso Vermouth. Enhance your at-home mixology and awaken your senses.

Enhance your at-home mixology with classic cocktails such as the Negroni, Martini, Martinez or Manhattan - all of which call for a Vermouth of depth and character like this. Or, simply enjoy Agora Vermouth the traditional way, with a slice and some ice. For a low alcohol drink, Agora is refreshingly delicious on ice, topped up with tonic, soda or lemonade served in a tall glass.


120g/L natural grape sugar

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan

500ml - alc 16% vol


Black Gift Box for 2 bottles

Sending as a present, why not add a bottle box . Suitable for our 350ml, 500ml and 750ml bottles

£2.50 per box 

Black 2 bottle gift box

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