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 Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Our philosophy

'A great wine is the result of care, attention and letting nature run its course'

 At DJ Wines our vision is to be a leader in implementing sustainable business practices. Practice that minimises harm and maximise benefit to the environment and community, as well as future proofing our business for future generations. It is the thread that runs through everything we do: from how we source our ingredients and packaging materials, to the measures we take during production. All to lower our carbon footprint.
These steps not only ensure that our products are created with integrity – but they also challenge us to find newer and more innovative ways to sustain our natural world. After all, we believe that more responsibility should be placed on the producer, and less on the consumer- and we want to do what is right, not what’s easy.
By integrating a series of initiatives into DJ Wine’s daily operational, social, and winemaking practices, we are determined to do our bit to protect and preserve the earth’s natural resources as we strive to make great wine with minimal intervention in our winery and associated vineyards.

 Suffolk Carbon Charter Silver Award 2020:

At DJ Wines Sustainability has been a core pillar of our winemaking and wine-growing philosophy since our inception. 10 years on, we are proud to be the holder of the Suffolk Carbon Charter Silver Award 2020 supported by the Co op East of England.  Read more about Suffolk Carbon Charter click here 

We are committed to:

Conducting business in such a way that environmental challenges are managed as an integral part of current and changing business strategies.
Complying with, and exceed where practicable, all applicable UK legislation, regulations, and codes of practice.
Ensuring that all personnel are fully aware of our Sustainability Policy and are committed to implementing and improving it.
Reviewing each aspect of our activities to develop a complete understanding of their actual and potential environmental impact both within our operational sites as well as to our neighbours surrounding these sites.
Minimising the impact on sustainability of all office and transportation activities.
Determining and implementing control methods to ensure the potential for negative environmental impacts from our operations are limited.
Review and report to continually strive to improve our sustainability performance.
Make customers and suppliers aware of our Sustainability Policy and encourage them to adopt sound sustainable management practices.

Practical Steps In order to Put These Principles into Practice

To reduce the consumption of virgin materials and the production of waste.
To avoid physically travelling to meetings etc where alternatives are available and practical, such as using teleconferencing, video conferencing or web cams, and efficient timing of meetings to avoid multiple trips. These options are also often more time efficient, while not sacrificing the benefits of regular contact with clients and partners.
To explore more efficient methods of distributing/transporting products to customers
To minimize use of paper and other office consumables, for example by double-siding all paper used, and identifying opportunities to reduce waste.
To arrange for the reuse or recycling of waste and redundant equipment.
To preserve native flora and fauna habitats and breeding sites on our properties
To reduce water usage and improve water efficiency in the winery and vineyard.
To reduce greenhouse energy consumption by good housekeeping in the wine processes, distribution, and office operations
To adopt green energy use where applicable.
To source more environmentally friendly wine packaging options that are either biodegradable or have been made with reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials that are then themselves reusable or recyclable.
To source grapes and fruit from East Anglian Growers who actively practise sustainable methods
To monitor and track over time the consumption of resources and activities that may have an environmental impact from our operation.
To provide a copy of our Sustainability Policy in all our proposals to suppliers and customers
To develop community awareness and support. 

Derek Jones
Director of DJ Wines

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Review date: Dec 2022