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Burnt Foot Vineyard

Panama view of Burnt Foot Vineyard, Laxfield, Suffolk, UK

This vineyard is located on the edge of Laxfield, a tranquil village located in high Suffolk,
has a total of 2500 vines, a mix of three grape varieties planted 2014.

Rondo grapes harvest 2020 at burnt Foot Vineyard

Rondo grapes 

harvest 2020

Bacchus grapes harvest 2020 at Burnt Foot Vineyard

Bacchus grapes

harvest 2020

Pinot Noir  grapes harvest 2020 at burnt Foor Vineyard

Pinot Noir grapes

harvest 2020

In 2020 DJ Wines has been collaborating with the owner Ian Pettitt to provide husbandry support and wine making expertise to develop this small boutique vineyard. The vineyard is not open to the public.

Following 2020 harvest, Derek used the three varieties of grapes to produce four wines, released during the summer of 2022.  Pinot Noir Rose, Bacchus and two red wines, Pinot Noir and Rondo.

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